3 Casino Games Adventure-Seekers Must Try in New USA Online Casinos

Online casino games have so much variety that it can be overwhelming for players to decide on what to play at times. The wide selection of slots, live dealer, and sports betting games can be difficult to choose from, especially from the perspective of a new player. Well, if you’re in it for the thrill of playing, you might be interested in these games we’ll be recommending to you that will all be available in new USA online casinos.

Adventure-themed Slots

Visit any online casino, look at their main page, and you’ll find that slots will take up most of the page. Skim through the page and you may notice one thing, and that slots are comprised of so many different themes!

Slot themes are so vastly different from one another that there’s a theme out there for everyone. From ancient Egyptian, underwater, to crime and mystery themes, the themes you’ll find with slots are endless.

However, what we’d like to recommend here for adventure-seekers are of course the adventurethemed slots. The Wild Chase and Mega Moolah are both popular games for slot players. The former, like the name suggests, depicts a wild chase between racers, and your goal is to make it to the finish line and drive off with impressive winnings. However, if you’re in to wildlife, Mega Moolah will be just right for you.

Try out any of these slots and let us know if you enjoyed any of them!

Live Casino Games

If you haven’t tried live casino games already, you’re missing out! Live casino games aims to replicate the environment in the casino to give players a feeling that they’re playing in an actual casino.

It’s perfect for those who are just starting out with table games and want to practice before going to a landed casino to try it out. Regardless if it’s blackjack, roulette, or the different variations of poker, the new usa online casinos have it all.

Most live roulette for instance, would usually showcase a roulette table with the exact same layout as those you would see in actual casinos. You would then hear a dealer’s voice asking for you to place your bets, and the game goes on as how an actual roulette would. Just like the real thing, you’d find the games just as thrilling playing with other players.

The only thing that separates live casino games with actual casino games is that you’d get to see interesting graphics every time you win.

Video Poker

Playing video poker in an online casino is an entirely different experience. Unlike poker however, video poker requires lesser skill for you to understand and master. Players who understand the basics of poker will be able to maneuver their way around video poker.

What makes this game interesting is that instead of playing against actual players, you’re playing against the computer. You’ll get to experiment with different card hands and learn how to obtain winning hands through the game.

Unlike slots, where you’ll only need to press the spin button to play, this is definitely more challenging of a game. There’s definitely more to it than these three genres of games we just recommended. Check out some of the games yourself in an online casino.