Top Casinos To Go Gambling in United States, Nevada

Top Casinos To Go Gambling in United States, Nevada

Get ready for the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, but with the added exhilaration of high risk games- it’s the one and only sin city in all of United States, Las Vegas!

While it’s true that most visitors at Vegas would sit down for a spin or two of some slot wheels, non-players visiting Vegas, or indeed any casino at all, could still make a fantastic trip out of it as well. Despite being best known for their casinos, Nevada actually has a large variety of other activities for visitors, from food tours to grand sightseeing destinations.

Regardless of whether you plan on betting or not, tourists would often wonder which casinos are the most elaborate and majestic of them all- so here’s a list of the best casinos to go gambling in United States, Vegas.

On The Strip: The Mirage Hotel & Casino

We’ve all heard of The Mirage- be it from our relatives’ exciting Vegas trips, or from blockbuster movies featuring the grand old casino. With its large, luxurious rooms, AAA Four Diamond services, and a huge casino offering too many games to count, it’s no wonder why The Mirage is a favourite amongst players everywhere.

Even if you don’t plan on staying at The Mirage, you might want to consider dropping by after dinner for a good show. Every night without fail, between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM, there will be a riveting volcanic performance, involving fireballs, huge explosions, and the trademarked showmanship you’ll only find in sin city.

Staying on the strip has its distinctive advantages, which would include being close to the heart of all the action as well as being within walking distance of lots of other attractions in Vegas.

Near The Strip: Gold Coast Hotel & Casino

Staying on the Strip isn’t for everyone however, and if you’re on a budget, or would prefer to play at casinos with better payout rates and lesser crowds, staying close, but not directly on the Strip might be more ideal for you. Among the best casinos nearby the Strip would be Gold Coast Hotel & Casino.

This 3-Star hotel might not be the most prestigious in the area, but it’s certainly worth every dollar you spend here. Warm reception, clean and modest rooms, as well as a variety of entertainment options, such as a bowling alley and movie theatre can be expected when you stay here. Of course, let’s not forget to mention the large variety of casino games offered at Gold Coast Casino, as well as its friendly floor staff’s services.

For those planning on travelling to the Strip or any other attractions throughout Vegas, do keep in mind that transportation might be difficult to come by when you’re staying further away from the Strip.

Downtown Las Vegas: Golden Nugget Las Vegas

For those thinking of having a more laid-back Vegas experience, perhaps staying downtown would be more suited to your tastes. Don’t be fooled into thinking that downtown is less exciting or less fulfilling than staying on the Strip- you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what they can offer you.

Take the Golden Nugget for instance. Between its countless casino promotions and wide sportsbook betting selections, you’ll almost forget you’re not in a high-end casino. Between the casino, great food options, and Golden Nugget’s comfortable hotel rooms, travellers would be sure to enjoy their time spent here. All in all, Vegas has many different facets and experiences to offer to all visitors, and it’s important that players and non-players alike search for something that would be suitable for them. While it’s undeniable that Vegas has the best of all physical casinos in the country, for those who are unable to travel there, here are some of the best US online casinos you could have a shot at! <Link to Top 5 Online Casinos in the United States You Should Visit>